Customer Cancellation / Booking Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • Client cancellations must be announced by email no later than 1 week prior to the commencement date of the course so as to incur no penalties. Cancellations by the client made 72 hrs prior to the start of a course will incur a 50% of all costs for administration fees.
  • Client cancellation 24 hrs prior or on the day a course is to commence will incur a penalty of 100% of all cost.
  • Cancellation of a course by IFAS for unforeseen circumstances out of our control, administration will immediately reschedule a date agreed upon by the client, a 10% discount off the full course fee will be provided.
Booking Policy
In order to secure a place on any of our courses, the invoice must be paid one week before commencement of the course. A booking is made once a course place is agreed to be reserved and full payment is received. If paying by credit or debit card, payment has been confirmed as authorised. If a reservation is being made without a credit card, places will be held temporarily pending receipt of payment but will be released if payment is not received two weeks after the reservation being made or, one full week prior to the course commencement, whichever occurs first.
Corporate customers, who have approved accounts with Ireland First Aid Solutions Ltd, will be invoiced and will have agreed terms via email and invoiced received. Invoices not paid within those terms may be subject to interest payment as set by the Late Payment in Commercial Transactions Regulations 2002.
Value Added Tax
Health & Safety Training is exempt VAT and rated at “zero”
Governing Law
All purchases from the site are subject to Irish Law.
The only conformation is via approved email and invoices which are issued in pdf format with a customer ID & invoice number.