Fire Safety and Warden Course


Max Participants 8


Product Description

Why complete our course.

This half day Fire Safety Training Course will train participants and give them the confidence to deal with fire in an emergency.

As an important component of the training, a practical demonstration regarding escape routes and identification of hazards is also included.

Participants will also gain valuable ‘Hands On’ experience using a fire extinguisher. This course will emphasise the dangers of fire, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of urgent action if a fire breaks out.

What you will learn

  • Course introduction and objectives
  • Theory of fire and smoke behaviour
  • Spread of Fire
  • Classification of fires
  • Fire prevention and evacuation procedures (Site specific)
  • How to make evacuation realistic
  • Duties of a Fire Warden
  • Identify possible fire hazards in the workplace
  • Identify if your workplace is equipped with appropriate detectors, fire alarms, and fire fighting equipment.
  • Ensure fire equipment is inspected and maintained


Approximately 3 hrs, depending on how many participants.


Each student will receive a certificate of completion from Ireland First Aid Solutions and is valid for 2 years.

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