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Product Description

Why choose us?

With a passion for improving everyone’s mental wellbeing and over 20 years’ experience
working as mental health professionals with emergency services, charity and corporate
We have a background in employee assistance and social care, with qualifications in
psychotherapy, training and education.
We deliver training programmes for management and staff. Offering a diverse range of
mental health and wellbeing training programs and options: group training, staff and
management training.
We have experience working as mental health trainers and managers in high stress and
conflict areas in the Middle East with international government agencies and international
NGO organisations.

How Long is the course, can I complete it online.

Training Workshops:
 Resilience and Wellbeing – 2 days.
 Mental Health Awareness – 2 days.
 Suicide Awareness – 3hrs.
 Stress and Anxiety Management – 1 day.
 Alcohol & Substance Misuse Awareness – 3hrs.

 Critical Incident Stress Management – 2 days.
 Psychological First Aid – 1 day

Does this course come with a certificate?

Yes, each student will receive a certificate of completion from Mental Wellbeing Ireland Ltd

How many people can take part.

10 – 20 Online
10 – 30 In person

How do I book a workshop?

You can email us at
or Call us on 089 254 4612

We look forward to hearing from you.

Joanne Douglas BSc, Dip.

Nicola Nolan BA, Dip.

Cancellation Policy

Client cancellations must be announced by email no later than 1 week prior to the commencement date of the course so as to incur no penalties. Cancellations by the client made 72 hrs prior to the start of a course will incur a 50% of all costs for administration fees and labour.
Client cancellation 24 hrs prior or on the day a course is to commence will incur a penalty of 100% of all cost.
Cancellation of a workshop by MWI for unforeseen circumstances out of our control, administration will immediately reschedule a date agreed upon by the client, a 20% discount off the full course fee will be provided.


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